мимо плывут столетья спят подо льдом моря

Lord Garmadon and Wyplash have stolen the Nunchucks of Lightning and are escaping in the Skull Truck. Jay and Zane have been sent to stop them. Help them to dodge the Skull Truck’s mighty bone fist and powerful jaws!


Skull Truck features moving jaws, firing bone fist and 2 cages Also includes Nunchucks of lightning, thunder bolt, bone axe and spear Aim and fire the bone fist! Battle on any terrain with huge rubber tires and realistic suspension! Snap the jaws of the skull face closed with the Skull Truck’s suspension system! Trap your enemies in the bone cages!

(Lego Ninjago tootekirjeldusest)

käes on jälle märtsi algus ja koos sellega uued avastused mänguasjamaailmas:)