and bad mistakes i’ve made a few

Once upon a time… tähendab, ükskord üsna tüki aja eest kuulsin ma kusagilt mingit uudist või asja, et Serbial on tegelikult olemas kuningas. Või vähemalt mingi troonipretendent. Et asjas selgust saada, küsisin ma selle kohta ühelt serblasest sõbralt, kes ei suvatsenud mu kirjale vastata nii kaua, et kui ta lõpuks vastas, olin ma küsimuse ammu unustanud (ja ei suuda seda siiamaani meenutada). Vastus on sellest hoolimata lugemist väärt. Daamid ja härrad, Serbia monarhia kurb saatus, kirja pandud Hoki poolt:

Oh, right. So there was this king. But he was shot, so he isn’t important. Then along came a man named Adolf asking if he could fly over the late king’s kingdom which would then be neutral in the days to follow. And the king’s cousin said ok. But then the people said ‘what?’, loudly protested, overthrew the government, kicked the all the king’s family out of the country, said ‘Fuck you Adolf’, and died the next day in a massive bombardment when Belgrade was totally flattened.
The king’s cousin went to Greece, and became unimportant. The king’s son went to Britain, and lived there to the rest of his drunken life. His son prince Alexander now lives in Belgrade, and is the rightful successor of the crown. Unfortunately from ’41 till now we’re a republic, but some argue, since that happened forcefully, it would be just to become a kingdom once again with Alexander as king.