all the lonely people where do they all come from

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Elen says:
Eleanor Rigby
Let It Be
And I Love Her
I’ll Follow the Sun
The Long and Winding Road
Norwegian Wood
Nowhere Man
Hey Jude
Strawberry Fields Forever

Kitty says:
across the universe
the long and winding road
when i’m 64
i’ll follow the sun
while my guitar gently weeps
things we said today
two of us

(paremusjärjestusse ei pidanud panema, niigi oli raske ju)

6 thoughts on “all the lonely people where do they all come from

  1. issake, miks te kõik *head* biitlite lood nimetamata jätsite? (Siiski, “while my guitar gently weeps” on täitsa kirjas, austus!)

  2. Õõh…. okei… proovin:

    10. Penny lane

    9. With a little help from my friends

    8. I am the walrus

    7. Here comes the sun

    6. While my guitar gently weeps

    5. I’m so tired

    4. Back in the U.S.S.R.

    3. Helter Skelter

    2. Happiness is a warm gun

    1. A day in the life


  3. suva järjestuses

    norwegian wood

    back in the u.s.s.r.

    drive my car

    lucy in the sky with diamonds

    tommorrow never knows


    get together

    here comes the sun

    strawberry fields forever

    hard day’s night

    ja parim album on rubber soul.

    ei, sgt peppers.

    ei, rubber soul ikkagi.

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