and all i can taste is this moment and all i can breathe is your life

Nagu lubatud, pseudojuhuslik valik olulisematest asjadest, mida mina olen oma kassidelt õppinud. Pildid by Suzy Becker.

Make the world your playground

Know all the sunny places

Money’s only paper

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind

Somehow, you always land on your feet

Don’t always come when you’re called

Stare unabashedly

Be easy to come home to

Everyone is entitled to an occasional mood swing


Ask for attention

Ignore TV

Make people wonder what you do at night

Get mad when you’re stepped on

Be hard to leave


2 kommentaari to “and all i can taste is this moment and all i can breathe is your life”

  1. iir Says:


    nüüd ma saan aru küll, kuidas sa selline välja kukkusid :P

  2. smriti Says:

    hi ! i came upon your page by complete luck…. i was just surfin random pages and found yours….. i really loved all the kitty pictures you had with the lovely sayings that go with them…they are like lessons for life….i love the titles you have at the start of each of your entries…. i really wish they were in english so that i could read them…im sure i would love them because the titles themselves are so interesting….once again, the pictures were beautiful!!! hope to see more !

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