kuni siin mind ükski veel vajab neis madalais majades

Muude oluliste asjade hulgas:

kitty is indifferent
kitty is up to no good
kitty is a little more technically superior to even tekno; “she” surprisingly reacts to being “petted” with 3 hidden sensors on her back
kitty is very realistic and is a lot of company
kitty is unpredictable
kitty is still the world’s favorite character
kitty is very beautiful
kitty is everywhere
kitty is an angel
kitty is born at benden weyr
kitty is also available as a dressed doll in a bridal gown
kitty is a paradigm of the preadolescent female self
kitty is a major cultural icon in japan and worldwide
kitty is mine all mine
kitty is innocent
kitty is ok
kitty is under no obligation to update any content on the site
kitty is a true robot
kitty is the mother of invention
kitty is super cool
kitty is right
kitty is a dirty schoolgirl
kitty is still the world’s favorite character
kitty is really fun for a few months
kitty is almost as cute as you
kitty is #1
kitty is one of the many

Googlism.com ütles.

Nüüd te teate minust kõike.


Üks vastus to “kuni siin mind ükski veel vajab neis madalais majades”

  1. Krahv Says:

    Googlism for: krahv

    Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about krahv yet.

    Jumal tänatud.

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