and through it all she offers me protection

Päeva meeleolu toob meieni A Girl’s

Jennifer’s Day

I’ve read a lot of your boy problems on here, and in my opinion I think that they are a waste of time. I have had five boyfriends since high school. And I can tell you something – all of them were a waste of time So don’t worry about getting a boyfriend – wait till your older and meet the right guy.

This Slice of Life was entered by:

Jennifer, 13, England


6 kommentaari to “and through it all she offers me protection”

  1. Kaarel Tamm Says:

    hmm… nice.

    Girls, if you’re looking for the right guy, I’m over here :D

  2. minni Says:

    ma tunnen end küll jube vanana, kui järgmist ütlen, aga: minul küll 13-aastaselt viite peikat polnud :/

  3. Kristi Says:

    Mul ka ei olnud.

    Ja ma polnud 13 üldse mitte väga ammu.

  4. Kaarel Tamm Says:

    nuu… ma ei hakka enda seisukohalt rääkima, eksju =)Missiis, et M olen =)

  5. jupi Says:

    Harige mind pisut palun! Kustmaalt neil see high school algab? 13 ja high school ?

  6. Kaarel Tamm Says:

    Neil peaks olema Junior high school ja senior high-. See 13 siis arvatavasti junior high’is. =)

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